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A wonderful jelly experience.

JellyPics that enables you to distort a picture like a jelly is now in AppStore! Because you can not only distort a picture but also save distorted picture, you can use JellyPics for funny picture maker.

Demo Movie


  • iPhone or iPod touch
  • iPhone OS 2.2 or later

Get now - Version 1.1

JellyPics v1.1 is available on AppStore for only $1.99.

User Movie

How to use

Jelly Distorting

You can distort a picture by dragging. And if you release your finger, a picture will return with a movement just like a jelly.


Of course, multitouch is enabled.

Tap to Freeze

You can keep a distorted picture by tapping screen by another finger while dragging.

Shake to Thaw

You can return a distorted picture to origin by shaking your iPhone.

Selecting or Taking

You can use a saved photo from the photo library by tapping the photo button or a instant photo from the camera by tapping the camera button. (The camera is iPhone only.)


You can save a distorted photo to the photo library by tapping the save button.


New update will be announced on my blog.

  • Version 1.1  2009/01/21
    • Select and take a photo icons are updateds.
  • Version 1.0  2009/01/10
    • First Release.


Yoshihiro Shindo (BeInteractive!)

A freelance ActionScript (Flash) engineer of the 1988th rare grader in Japan.


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